"Our goal is for you to be able to walk down any street in Europe and learn the Holocaust history of that specific place."

Mapping the Lives is a proposed project dedicated to creating biographies, online maps and smartphone applications pinpointing the residential street addresses of all known victims of the Nazi Regime who were persecuted for reasons of race, religion, political views, resistance, sexual orientation, social orientation, and physical or mental incapacity. Their personal data will be expanded with biographies, photographs and links to family members, implementing crowd sourcing for additional material. The goal is to virtually recreate the neighborhoods of 1933-1945 Europe on a grass-roots level, which will reach the current residents of Europe in a way that no list of names in a typical memorial book possibly could: It gives the victims of the Nazis back a physical place, a "home," and for many persecuted Europeans, a street address is the last remaining trace of their lives.

A detailed technical and financial proposal of Mapping the Lives, giving an in-depth overview of the project, may be downloaded here (PDF, 1.3mb).